AXL started as the idea of how can we improve issued gear with high performance upgrades. Several large and small companies make great gear, however they do not have the resources or drive to address the needs of several of their customers. That’s where AXL comes in, we Shelby Cobra the Mustang, Geissele the Firearm, Zev the Glock, and AMG the Mercedes. AXL takes existing combat proven products and makes them better. When they say no, we say yes. We design with the end user in mind to improve the equipment they have been issued and already own, working directly with end users to identify and develop solutions that they have been asking for. Designed and made in the United States.

AXL Specializes in high performance upgrades to the following brands:

  • Crye Precision
  • FirstSpear
  • Velocity Systems
  • Mayflower
  • S&S Precision
  • Spiritus Systems
  • Ferro Concepts
  • LBT (London Bridge Traders)
  • Eagle Industries